• Kathleen kenney

    Hi looking to see where you got your 4 connected container tube

    Love your tic tocs

    • BariatricQueen

      Hello!! I got them from Aldi, but I have a Link for them to buy on Amazon in my instagram or Tik Tok bio! Click on Bariatric Shopping list!

      • Kim Lomuto

        The 4 compartment prep ware. How do I get to your bio. Clearly I am a baby boomer new to tik tok

        • beirnekath

          haha Thats ok! On my Website click the Side Bar option for more Web Pages. My Shopping List is one of those Pages! Or, when you click on my link in my instagram or tik tok, my shopping list is one of the options!

  • Tonya Bell

    What do you eat when you get a sweet tooth?

  • Shawna Turner

    Just made this!
    So good. Silly question, after you made it all in pan, how many ounces do you measure out for a serving. And do you have calories for this meal? How many meals do you get out of this?

  • Diann

    I desperately need help in losing weight. Don’t want any surgery. I need to lose 100 pounds

  • Sirah

    Hi how can I get the meal prep recipes via rmail

  • Jenn Jenn

    Girl!! Thank you so much for these!! I had my sleeve done 11/28/2020. Down 45 pounds already! But I’m scared to death of food. I’m pretty much living off cheese and sand which meats. Thank you for showing me I can eat food again. And how to be healthy about it!! Making a grocery list now. ♥️

  • Jess

    Hey! Love this. How do you work out your macros? All this stuff is so confusing for me it’s what’s stopping me. If I google search so much rubbish comes up.

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